Chen Chenchen a.k.a. CCC

Chen Chenchen a.k.a. CCC

Chenchenchen (陈陈陈, a.k.a. ccc, b. 1987) is a Chinese conceptual artist best known for his performance “The Mercy of Not Killing 2.0”, in which he hung ten construction workers from the edges of a 34-meter high tower in Wuxi. In his work, ccc often employs the human body to ponder the social conditions of modern society. Working in performance, digital art, painting and sculpture simultaneously, his multi-medial projects interact and constitute a series of parallel worlds. They are coherently arranged into ccc’s futuristic panorama of “Poor Sci-Fi”: a techno-dystopian vision derived from the struggles of everyday life. His work is smart and spectacular, addressing issues specific to Chinese culture while noting the individual ramifications of life in a globalised world. Where traditional values and norms seem suspended, ccc projects a humanistic vision, highlighting the positive powers of universal hu-man values. 

1987 — born in Hangzhou, lives & works in Hangzhou & Beijing

2010 — B.A. in Mixed-Media Art, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou

2012 — M.A. at the Studio of Total Art, School of Inter-Media Art (SIMA), Hangzhou

Since 2014 — PhD-candidate at the Department of Philosophy, Capital Normal University, Beijing