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Lu Mei 卢玫

候鸟空间创始人, 候鸟基金创始人及运营官。柏林候鸟艺术管理有限公司董事长及CEO。候鸟空间(北京)艺术发展有限公司董事长。多年从事艺术基金、项目策划,运营画廊及艺术品投资。

Founder of Migrant Bird Space. Founder and COO of Migrant Bird Foundation. Chairman and CEO of Migrant Birds Art Management GmbH (Berlin). Chairman of the board of directors at Migrant Birds Art Development Co., LTD (Beijing). Art expert with long-term experience in managing art funds, project planning, operational museum- and gallery-business as well as art investment.

Dr. Eva Morawietz 

艺术总监, 策展人,柏林候鸟空间合伙人。多年从事艺术项目的推广及策划。曾为汉堡火车站美术馆和柏林新国家画廊策展人。

Director and head curator of Migrant Bird Space. Expertise in contemporary art with a focus on conceptual art & photography from Asia. Art historian and gallery-owner with long-term experience in exhibition-management and art publication. Former curator at Nationalgalerie, National State Museums Berlin.

Lu Zhenzhen 鲁真臻 

候鸟空间(北京)艺术发展有限公司执行董事,柏林候鸟艺术管理有限公司董事。资深艺术项目制作人及出品人。Executive director of the Migrant Bird Space Art Development (Beijing) co., LTD. Migrant Birds Art Management GmbH. Senior art project producer.

祝鸿燕 Sindy Zhu 候鸟空间柏林艺术管理有限公司办公室负责人。Head Office Berlin Migrant Bird Art Management GmbH., 殷雅迪 Yin Yadi 候鸟空间(北京)艺术发展有限公司媒体公关及项目联络。

雷沁圆  Q. Lei 

普林斯顿大学东亚研究系博士。现作为作家、电影人在柏林和深圳两地工作与生活。曾在日本东京大学、德国自由大学与美国普林斯顿大学从事“科学的哲学”方面的研究与授课。她的文学作品曾在Litro Magazine、the Centum Press Anthologies、The Speaker等英文刊物上出版。她目前正在与德国团队共同制作她的第二部关于深圳华强北的发展史的纪录片。

Curator and PR manager Migrant Birds Digital Art Space Shenzhen. Received her PhD in East Asian Studies in the discipline of Philosophy of Science from Princeton University. She is currently working as an independent filmmaker and writer between Shenzhen and Berlin. She has conducted various research projects and lectured on the topic of science and society at the University of Tokyo, Freie Universität, and Princeton University. Her creative writing has been published in Litro Magazine, the Centum Press Anthologies, The Speaker, BLYNKT Magazine, among others. She is currently working on her second documentary on the development of Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen in collaboration with ARTE/ZDF.

雷沁圆 Q. Lei